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2015 Fall Wellness Happenings at power pack presentations:

WALK-TO-RUN TRAINING: 9-week 5k Training Series for College Faculty & Staff.
BOOTCAMP SERIES: 8-week FALL INTO FITNESS Series for Olin College.
SUPER-TRAINING: 1/2 Day Wellness & Motivational Training for an annual Staff Development & Training Day.
WELLNESS THROUGHOUT COMMUNITIES: Friendly Step Challenge for Thirteen Towns & Schools.

Previous 2015 (Spring 2015) Wellness Happenings at power pack presentations included:

MEDITATION/RELAXATION SERIES: 4-Weeks of Relaxation Sessions at a Boston Law Firm.
BOOTCAMP SERIES: Ongoing Bootcamp Classes for College Faculty & Staff.
COLLEGE CHALLENGE CEREMONY: Movement and Strength Conditioning Demos at College Fitness Program Ceremony.
WELLNESS THROUGHOUT COMMUNITIES: Friendly Fitness Challenge for Eleven Towns & Schools.
STRESS MANAGEMENT SEMINARS: Presentations for a June Professional Day for child care providers.
From participants of power pack presentations training programs : 

“Michele...thanks so much! Love how you empower us to reach our goal of running a 5k.” - Walk ~ to ~ Run Program Participant

“You have inspired me and changed my life (with no injuries to boot). Thank you so much for helping me achieve this goal!” - Individual Training Client

“thank you again for such an exceptional training.  The handouts/ information, the techniques, and the stress reducing tips that were provided were insightful and helpful.   The evaluations received by all the participants were outstanding.  Staff expressed that they were invigorated and that had learned a great deal about stress management.  It has been requested by all that you present again. “ - Vice President of Human Resources, coordinator of Staff Development & Training Day Presentation
 For information on upcoming training programs, presentations, or individual training,  please contact Michele: mfcraemer@rcn.com               
GIRLS SWEAT! Book Reviewed: “The next time you need motivation, I hope that you will turn to this book. You will definitely find motivation here.”  - Running Diva Mom     
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  Exercise Training Programs    : 
~ bootcamp, walk-to-run series, fitness training ~
Click here: power pack presentations boot camp to view sample exercises from a training session.