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                Author Visit & Seminar Information

School Author Visits:
      Pellie's Mini Marathon ~ author visit with students also participating in an exercise                                               session of 26 movements.
      Pellie's Book Run ~ author visit with students also creating their own story.

Author Seminar:
      Keeping Pace in the Marathon of Life ~ a motivational presentation based on stress                                                                 management & goal setting movtivational.


Pellie Project ~ 26.2 at the end of 2020

As we enter the homestretch of this unique year, “Pellie" will be running for 26 days. Each day, Pellie Runs A Marathon and Girls Sweat! ~ life lessons through running will be sent to those who have enjoyed the messages that can be learned through running, or to those who may enjoy them! 


At this time, more than ever, life lessons learned through physical activity can help get us to the finish line. Through the marathon, “Pellie" called upon inner strength, optimism, the support of others and perseverance during the road to the finish line.  These same lessons can be applied through the finish line of 2020 and into 2021!

Wishing you a holiday season and new year filled with special moments of “running right to” joy and happiness  ~  Michele Bredice Craemer

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